Factory wholesale high quality IPL hair removal xenon flash lamp


Factory wholesale high quality IPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

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High intensity pulsed light for hair removal and cosmetic skin treatment is now the preferred solution for beauticians and medical users worldwide . As one of the most important parts , IPL flash lamp plays key role on the safety and treatment results .IPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

Technical parameters:IPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

 Inside diameter

 7 mm

 Arc length(die opening)


 Full length(quartz)


 Resistance value

 Static: 2-3Ω

 Maximum average power

 1758WIPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

 Minimum trigger pulse voltage

 16kvIPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

 Tube wall

 1mmIPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

 Cooling method

 Water cooling

 Average Life

 Laser:10IPL: 100000-400000 shots

 Maximum and minimum operating  voltage


 Harmful light Filter

 ≤350nmIPL hair removal xenon flash lamp

 atmospheric pressure

  2 atmIPL hair removal xenon flash lamp


2. Application:

1. Hair removal;

2. Skin rejuvenation;Wrinkle removal, fact lifting;

3. Removing freckle, age spots, sun spots, chloasma, pigmentation troubles, etc;

4. Vascular removal;

5. Acne treatment.

3. System Self-checking

The circuit of system entering the self-checking situation when the machine starts, leave the machine carry on the self-checking for 5-10 seconds, then continue the operation.

4. System Classification

Electric shock protection:Grade1   BF Grade

Corrosion prevention liquid:ordinary

Do not use the machine in the environment mixed of flammable narcotic and air or nitrogen oxide mixture.

5. Equipment Consist, Specification, and Accessory List

1. Equipment Consist:

1.1. Mainframe

A. Power supply system

B. Microcomputer system

C. Monitor

D. Cooling System

  1.2. E-light Handpiece

A. Intense pulsed light source, xenon lamp

B. Reflector and filter

C. Sapphire wave guide

2. Technique Specification

IPL power: 2000W

Light Energy: 15-50J/cm2

RF energy: 1-30

Cooling: water+air+semi-conductor

Spot size: 15×50mm

N.W.: 45kg

Voltage: 220V± 10%, 50~60Hz




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