Factory Laser Cavitation Fat System LS650 Weight Loss Machine RF Skin Rejuvenation


Laser cavitation fat system ls650.



Probe one: 40k cavitation

Blast fat: fat cells will resonate, heat and blast in the ultrasound vibration of 40000 times. It won't cause damage to the surrounding cells and skin. Fat blasting will break down into triglycerides free state which expel from circulation system through metabolism.


Probe two: shape body with vacuum

Vacuum suction: dissociative and soften fat have oriented function and lead fat direction, dredge lymph and promote metabolism. Body shaping is more obvious.


Probe three: multi-polar RF

RF: high frequency RF make fat cells reach 50-60 degrees high temperatures instantly. Under the situation of high temperature, fat cells completely lose activity and blast instantaneously and soften fat, transfer the solid fat into free state immediately, and collagen will rapidly add of the lifting and shaping results at the same temperature.  


Probe four:laser dissolving fat

Laser dissolving fat way destroy fat cells by laser light, while the laser light can play dual effect if importing the subcutaneous tissue, it can dissolve subcutaneous fat. Heat energy can stimulate subcutaneous dermal tissue's collagen and elastic fiber accretion. It makes the beautifying areas skin be more tight and elastic. The operation is easy, convenient, easy to learn, short operation time. You can cut fat where you need.


Product effects:

1. Remove fat and built perfect body curve.

2. Firm skin and enhance skin elasticity.

3. Lymphatic drainage and improve cellulite.

4. Remove wrinkles and strengthen blood circulation.

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Output frequency


Energy output

18*40MW(Total 0.72W)

Laser wavelength




Cavitation frequency


RF frequency


Vacuum frequency





Multifunctional slimming machine (lipo laser+vacuum+rf+cavitation)

Fordable touch screen, easy to shippment and operation

Innovative treatent for reducing fat and reshaping the body   

Fast weight loss and long-time results 









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Q: What effects will I bring to my clients from your machine?
A: Our company choose a new program after certain investigation and researching. All of our machines are based on mature technology. With high quality,we also offer you the best effects to you.After you testing our machine,we believe you will satisfied with it.

Q: There are so many similar products in China, why should I choose your products?
A: This is a good question,I think you have know a lot after you read the above questions.If you are still in doubts, please inquiry us and we will give you more clearly explanation and information.

Q: If I paid you money I should worry about the after-sales service?
A: This is what most clients concerns,we promise our service no matter you paid us or not.When you decide to choose us and buy our products, we should Cherish more and offer better service and attitude to you.

Q: If the machine is not working after long period, what should I do?
A: Don’t worry, we have out warranty terms. Within the warranty time, we promise you totally free maintenance service.We will send you free replacement parts to your place all over the world.
Beyond this data, we offer you parts with cost price.Our company are not going to earn profits on selling the parts.

Q: What if I don’t know how to operate your equipment?
A: Don’t worry,as a manufacturer,we will offer you a completely solution to your salon. Our company are always collecting the feedback from our clients.We will share all these experience with you.