1550nm Erbium glass laser for Esthetician


1550 nm Er Erbium Glass Fractional laser/fiber laser for facial rejuvenation



Product Description


1550nm Fractional Er. Glass Fiber Laser  1550nm laser anti-wrinkle machine fiber laser

Brief Introduction:

Based on advanced non-ablative 1550nm erbium-glass fractional laser technology, acts on skin by microscopic laser beams under the operation mode of static stamp with different treatment figures. Its depth of penetration with minor lesions assures approximately non-invasive therapy, and proves accurate, safe and high-effective skin resurfacing and scars treatment with minimal downtime. 1550nm Fractional Er. Glass Fiber Laser utilize intelligent optical tracking system and randomized scanning technology, ensuring optimal effect for patients.


Working principle:

1550nm laser bean scan on the surface of skin with fractional way, forming a microscopic thermal zone, the area of skin isn't scanned as a heat diffusion area, reducing the damage of skin.
1550nm laser works on target issues accurately, heats the water of dermis' collagen tissues, laser's heat effect promotes collagen regeneration, the volume of collagen is increasing and ordering, then increasing the elasticity of skin, improving skin condition.
These areas as a repairing center after treatment, through human's skin wound healing mechanism, promoting epidermis growing and healing, leather fiber thickening, skin improving comprehensively.


Contro System
10.4'' color touch LCD screen
Laser Type
Er-Glass Fiber Laser
Three heads(20/30/50nm)
Operating mode
Stamping or moving (scanning)
220V/110V 10A 50/60Hz
30kg (N.W)
Machine size
Outlook color
pink/golden/bule/grey optional

1. 3. No needle, painless, no wounds, no scabby, colorless

2. 1. Reliable and powerful laser with high effithicy; safe & comfortable treatment with minimal downtime;

3. Fractional laser treatment is safe for most skin types,which includes Fizpatrick skin typoes IV and V; Asian, India